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RepuTex ESG Analytics

ESG Rating information compiled by RepuTex is made available to the market via a range of reports and subscription services.

RepuTex ESG Analytics provide a detailed breakdown of each company’s ESG strengths and weaknesses against the RepuTex ESG Rating Model, consisting of over 120 factors across the Environment, Social, Governance and Workplace categories.

Institutional investors use RepuTex ESG Analytics to gain a more accurate understanding of corporate risk attached to a company’s environment, social and governance sensitivities. Corporate executives are also able to use ESG information as a means to measure their ESG performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and to benchmark their position against industry, market and global best practice.

Please navigate this area of the portal to gain access to company ESG reports, sector and market ESG leaders, and RepuTex ESG subscription services.

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