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Commercial Partners

About RepuTex

RepuTex is Asia-Pacific’s foremost sustainability analytics firm. The company operates two business units, an ESG Analytics business from the company’s base in Hong Kong, and a Carbon Analytics business, operating across Asia-Pacific carbon compliance and offset markets ex Australia.

About RepuTex-ESG

RepuTex-ESG is a leading provider of Asia ESG research for companies and investment professionals, servicing a regional customer base of pension funds, asset managers and hedge funds, along with the corporate segment. The company offers a range of products and services, including ESG analytics, performance reports, portfolio analysis, ratings and indexes.


About Kreab Gavin Anderson

Kreab Gavin Anderson is a global strategic communications partnership, advising corporations and other organisations on issues of strategic importance in business, finance and politics. We help our clients solve complex communications challenges, maximise their opportunities and achieve their strategic goals.For more information, please refer to the Kreab Gavin Anderson homepage


About ASrIA

ASrIA is a Hong Kong based not-for-profit membership association dedicated to promoting sustainable finance and responsible investment (SRI) in the Asia Pacific. ASrIA aims to build market capacity for responsible investing by fostering the creation of SRI products and services and providing training and support services, including conferences, seminars, workshops, research projects and publications. ASrIA members are drawn from the Asian and international financial services industry who work to build momentum and raise the standards for SRI practice in Asia and beyond.For more information, please refer to the ASrIA homepage

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Commercial Partners