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Multiclient Studies

RepuTex Multi-Client Studies (MCS) provide the market with in-depth, custom research projects, undertaken for a group of clients on a single topic, issue or industry. Research is highly focused and collaborative, utilising RepuTex’s proprietary ESG model and datasets to provide a detailed final report, helping decision makers navigate their corporate planning and investment decisions.

RepuTex MCS have been undertaken on a range of topics covering the Asia ESG industry. For a full list of current and forthcoming studies, please refer to the information below, or please contact RepuTex.

CURRENT MULTICLIENT STUDY: Capital Markets Expectations for Company ESG Performance in Asia

Capital markets institutions, through buy-side investors, private equity, pension funds and sell-side brokerage and asset management firms, form the most important influence on the management of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) risks by the corporate segment in Asia, with financial markets attitudes and concerns outweighing public and government pressure due to the materiality of the financial sector’s interest in the short and long term performance of local companies.

Globally, attention to ESG as a mainstream risk metric has spread from a relatively small group of companies and investors, to all market participants, with over US$30 trillion of assets under management (AUM) now supporting the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

Across Asia sustainability investment is in its infancy, yet is on the move, with AUM levels anticipated to grow to over USD$2.0 trillion by 2020, representing around 10% of all regional investments. Many investment firms in Asia are now embracing ESG as an additional overlay to traditional mainstream financial analysis, as factors such as ethical business conduct, executive remuneration and employee rights begin to have a more visible impact on financial performance. Local ESG controversies such as Citic Pacific, Foxconn, and Sun Hung Kai have raised local awareness and understanding of the effectiveness of ESG factors to improving investment decision making processes, leading to a groundswell of interest from risk adverse capital markets institutions.

The Study

Given the inherent influence of capital markets institutions on the companies they invest in, lend to and support, the opinion of the financial sector is critical to defining expectations for corporate action on environment, social and governance issues.

However, in a regional where ESG is in its infancy, which sustainability issues do financial markets recognise as being most material for Asian companies? And to what degree are companies meeting those expectations?

RepuTex’s Multiclient Study, Capital Markets Expectations for Company ESG Performance in Asia, brings together input from selected financial institutions in Asia, and globally, to determine capital markets expectations for corporate action on ESG issues, mapping the key ‘ESG hot spots’ for each sector, and the materiality of that risk as determined by capital markets.

For the first time, Asian companies will be able to map their internal ESG risk assessments against the market reality, enabling companies to better allocate time and resources to internal risk management, communications and stakeholder engagement functions – and ultimately, to help companies to better manage their ESG risk.

To register your interest in this publication, or for more information, please contact RepuTex.

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