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RepuTex Policies and Practices

RepuTex has implemented a range of policies and practices to ensure the independence of its Rating outputs. For more information, please refer to the Methodology Downloads page.


Where received, confidential information is managed in accord with RepuTex’s confidentiality procedures. Confidential information is not disclosed publicly, and where required will be destroyed or returned to the document owner.


RepuTex Ratings and research observations are statements of opinion as of the date they are expressed and not statements of fact or recommendations to purchase, hold, or sell any securities or make any investment decisions.

Rating information, such as criteria scores, the RepuTex Rating itself, and the opinion of RepuTex analysts is used by RepuTex in its commercial activities. RepuTex does not disclose any company specific information in its commercial services unless such information is publicly available. Instead, RepuTex services focus on the opinion of RepuTex analysts to measure and explain a company’s performance against the RepuTex Rating Framework and scoring system.

RepuTex provides services based on the findings of its Ratings and on the reporting of information. It does not provide companies with guidance on how to improve their ESG performance.


RepuTex has developed rigorous systems and methodologies to ensure the objectivity of its ratings and research processes. RepuTex maintains strict codes of practice for all of its employees to ensure the highest degree of integrity in the research process.

Codes of business conduct for employees are administered by the RepuTex Rating Committee, which also assigns all RepuTex ESG Ratings. This method of research oversight ensures a highly robust research output.


RepuTex’s Code of Business Conduct is mandatory for all RepuTex ESG analysts, acting as a set of guiding business principles which are observed throughout the ESG Rating process. The policy covers key values and behaviour, including conflict of interest, trading, political interests, gifts and entertainment, workplace practices, confidential information, non-compliance and training.

For more information please refer to RepuTex’s Methodology Downloads.

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